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Posted On 09/29/2011 13:04:59 by mangobee
Again, can a person be truly happy working for someone else. Yes the job security is for sure a safety net but can one be truly happy when you have to be on the job at fixed times and when you certainly have to follow someone else's rules or guidelines  or have to kiss to some bosses before you can even be guaranteed this “job security”.  What happens when your boss is substituted? How can you be happy when decisions that are made aren't your own?  To me those who say they are happy with their jobs when working for others are saying so out of lack of vision. They have become blind to the options and have given up completely the vision of self actualization. They are slaves to corporate world and perhaps don't realize they are contributing to other peoples’ success other than their own.   

Did you know for a fact that the more you work for someone, the poorer and less successful you become? Let’s take for instance, you contribute all your ideas and efforts to a company and you are rewarded with salary, the company makes more profit and keep expanding establishing other business which is no crime but the deal here is you retire broke because you eat from pay check to pay check saving nothing or too little towards your retirement. 

And did you also know that because you did not man up enough to start your own establishment and have it in the family for your children to take over when you can no longer work, your children become slaves of the corporate world and continue the cycle as they enter the workforce. Your family saves nothing and your generation inherits nothing and on and on the struggle continues unabated.



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08/16/2013 04:35:49
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08/16/2013 04:34:46
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08/16/2013 04:33:47
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08/14/2013 07:53:14
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08/14/2013 07:51:00
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08/12/2013 20:02:41
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08/12/2013 06:59:46
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08/12/2013 00:42:27
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08/12/2013 00:38:37
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08/11/2013 12:13:04
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