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Posted On 09/23/2011 10:27:25 by mangobee
Has anyone ever comprehended how Adam would have lived his life in modern times?  What would you bring about if you were the first to be situated on earth?  Fancy your continuance with nobody around to hire you, no salary no wage? Consciously or unconsciously, most of us have hit the dirt in becoming preys of corporate slavery.  One might marvel whether this emanate from fear or sheer lack of confidence.  Have you for once wondered how someone got the courage to even envisage the concept of inventing an airplane?  Did you know “Today’s pig is tomorrow’s bacon”?  Let a teeny imagination and curiosity free you from corporate slavery. Picture how many individual’s’ pie in the sky is been bottled up simply because they are not cut out for academic transcendence?  There is nothing wrong with achieving academic goals, after all it is the underlying ABCs of acquiring knowledge, however, ABCs should not be the ultimate determinants of future goals and dreams.  Pursue dreams even if academic excellence fizzles.  Knowledge the say is power but that knowledge is not always acquired through old school by itself or by certification.  My hints, if you have a point in life, MAKE IT.

Tags: Slavery, Corporate Profiteering, Emancipate


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07/21/2013 08:03:37
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07/18/2013 02:48:17
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07/16/2013 12:18:28
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