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Content: Brought the ball RuneScape gold down Somehow Durant lost it while falling to the groundDanny Green did a good job when [Durant] brought it down he stripped him Waiters said The ball ricocheted briefly between Green's legs before he grabbed itThe narrative shifted after the game for the Spurs due to the turnoverWe plain about the inbounds because that's what we do Ginobili said We had the ball We had a great shot We had a few other opportunities so it's things that happenAlthough impossible to realize in the heat of the moment the Spurs understood afterwards that the inbounds call could easily have worked out in their favor if they had just hit a shotWe ended up getting a turnover and a steal out of that so you can't really fault it Kawhi Leonard saidAs Green bobbled for the ball Mills saw his opening streaking towards the basket that would have potentially own the game If Green's pass was on target that likely would have happened But the pass wasn't it was well too long instead Mills had to reach out for it one hand buy RuneScape gold over his shoulder ing down with the ball too far under the basket for the quick score By the time he recovered it Adams was back in positionWe were trying to inbounds it and turned it over Adams said From there it's just a scramble mateIn scramble situations like this one Gregg Popovich's strategy is clear let There are a lot of games we have done very well,Buy Cheap RS Gold from