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Content: Call itI don't know FIFA Coins what type of violation it is Ginobili said It had to have been somethingDespite the deliberate elbow Waiters seemed unsure which play he was being asked about after the gameTo be honest I was caught up in the game Waiters said I really don't know what happened to be honest with youBut Waiters did seem to know exactly what happened when he was asked about Ginobili's potential violation happening before contact was made Hopefully they'll look at it and they'll see he stepped out and it should have been a tech too he saidIt was a play several players admitted has never happened in their careers Ken Mauer in a pool report following the game said the same thingIt was a play we have never seen before ever Mauer said But we feel we should have had an offensive foul on WaitersWith no violations called and no timeouts Waiters only choice was to lob a pass over Danny Green to Kevin Durant who had found a brief moment of space immediately past the halfcourt logo Durant rose and caught the Cheap FIFA Coins ball like a NFL receiver going for a jump ballYou've got to get the ball inbounds Waiters said Kevin I just lobbed it up to him used all his heightDurant briefly grabed the ball with two hands but at this point Green had recovered Patty Mills was in the area too ing off Westbrook to pressure Durant as he There are a lot of games we have done very well, So our goods is the cheapest.welcome to: