Subject: What Factors can affect the Efficiency of Construc
Content: As one of the important equipment in non-metal processing process, construction waste crusher is widely used in the mine and cement factory. With the special characteristic and the advanced technology, it can meet the various market demands. During the production process, there are many factors that can affect the production efficiency of construction waste crusher . Then the expert from Henan SBM will introduce these factors: 1. Hardness of the product. Generally speaking, the harder material will more easily damage the construction waste crusher. 2. Humidity of the product. construction waste crusher is not suitable for the material that contains large amount of moisture. The wet material will adhere to the internal of construction waste crusher. It will also cause the stoppage phenomenon during the transport process of the material. This will greatly reduce the production ability of construction waste crusher. 3. Compose of the product. If we need the material with many fine powders, we should screen the material before the grinding process to avoid the adhesion phenomenon. 4. Viscosity of the product. The product with high viscosity will has big influence on the working effect of the construction waste crusher . 5. Abrasion resistance of the construction waste crusher. The construction waste crusher with good grinding parts will grind the material better and the production capacity will be higher. The production efficiency of construction waste crusher is not static. During the actual production and daily operation, we should notice the working performance and do the better maintenance. In order to improve the production capacity of the construction waste crusher, we should pay more attention to the operation items and the precautions.