Subject: Madden 18 Ultimate Team Player Upgrades Guidebook
Content: MUT might just be the biggest mode in Madden 18, which is why we've put together this manual on earning coins and other items as quickly as possible. In the Madden 18 Ultimate Team subsection of the game, there's a variety of uses for some of your older and weaker player cards outside of simply being auctioned off on the MUT market. In this Madden 18 Ultimate Team upgrades manual, we'll be walking you through the best and easiest ways to upgrade some of your player cards. For everything else on Madden 18's Ulimate Team mode, including how to earn mut coins as quickly as possible, as well as the best players you can get for cheap in the auction house, head over to our Madden 18 Ultimate Team manual. Madden 18 Player Upgrades Manual If you go over to the 'Team' tab in the Ultimate Team section of Madden 18, you'll find the 'Upgrade Sets' option near the bottom of the screen. There are a variety of options in this section, but the one you want to be focusing on first is the 'Upgrades' area. Select the 'Players' option after this, and then choose from AFC or NFC, depending on which team you're after. For example, when I picked the Colts pack at the beginning of Ultimate Team I was given a 70 OVR Vontae Davis, which I can now upgrade to 75, and then 84 OVR, but only with a few key items. Madden 18 MUT Team Tokens The items you'll need to upgrade individual players are Team Tokens, which come in either Silver or Gold variants. To upgrade the Vontae Davis card to an 80 OVR, we'll need his base card and a Colts Silver Token, but to take him to 84 OVR, we'll need both a Gold and a Silver Colts Team Token. To obtain one of these elusive Silver or Gold tokens, you'll need to back out all the way to the first menu after you went into the 'Upgrade Sets' menu, and scroll all the way along to the right till you get Madden 18 Coins to the 'Team Tokens' area. In here, you'll find item sets to unlock Silver, Gold, and Elite Team Tokens, each of which require a number of cards. How to Earn MUT Team Tokens MUT Team Tokens unfortunately can't be purchased in the auction house, nor can they be traded for on the trade block. Instead, you'll have to find them in packs (although the odds are slim), or complete item sets in order to earn them. Each Team Token requires a number of cards in order to be unlocked - for example the Bears Gold Team Token requires 10 Gold Bears players, all ranked between 70 and 79 OVR. Silver Team Tokens are easier to obtain than this, as they instead require 12 Silver players from any teams, ranked between 60 and 69 OVR. It's certainly a slog, and there's even debate among the MUT community as to whether these player upgrades are even worth the effort, as they require some expensive Elite items in the later stages. But, if you do happen to have an NFL Stars player lying around, it could be well worthwhile to merely upgrade them once.