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Content: First of all,that allows you to model both lens exchange.The interchangeable lens system that took over from M frame regarding RADARKimuSakae-do official blog TAKEO's Blog Top RADARLOCK and about the differences between RADAR!For information about it will content the most questions today from everyoneI think if you can let described in this blog.It is a setting called first well Japan fit and Asian FitAlthough the item is also in a variety of brands,It is what kind of thing whether,and Japan fit and Asian Fit,What is What is the difference whether a normal model,Since it will be discussed in this videoCome seeing,there is hope you'll refer to you of everyone.And even in this blog about this contentSince we have been in detail talkI think you'll see it by all means fit.Nasu Takeo blogAnd the other one,you'll have many questions in that receive questions from everyone It has been developed as a single-lens-type sports eyewearAbout the difference between RADARLOCK and RADARLet the story I would like to.2012 Sports scan Paix is ? Nike Fashion Shoes Roshe Run ?here shea Fick eyewear RADARLOCK.Here is a RADAR was released in 2007.Suddenly Both impression that you've seen there is a very similar shape.Although we received a question that often do not know whether I choose either from everyone,How the two models is different from in this videoWe are allowed to introduce.First of all,that allows you to model both lens exchange.The interchangeable lens system that took over from M frame with respect to RADAR.RADARLOCK is also a new technology of OakleyIt is equipped with a switch lock.Both by choice the optimal lens to suit the weather or conditions,Exchange on the spot I can.In part that without stress easily interchangeable lenses can beAlso less burden of against it is the frame of RADARLOCK equipped with a switch lock,You can enjoy a variety of lens.And for size,and we would like the whole sizeIf the same PATH shape in a state which is set in the frameLens height of the RADAR is 43mm,width is 130mm,RADARLOCK lens vertical width 42mm,and the width is 132mm,We have a sharp to make a little more of RADARLOCK.And with respect to the frameRADAR is Japan fit,US fit,consists of three types of straight stems.In contrast RADARLOCK is Asian Fit,has been adopted to the edgeThe two types of straight stems.First,we try to compare with RADAR and it is different in this way. Venta Al Por Mayor Barata Zapatos Air Jordan 3 The entire width of 154mm at the widest part is Japan fit in outside diameter,US fit 142mm,straight stem will be 137mm.RADALOCK we strive to develop in size close to the straight stem of the RADAR.Depending on the size of your face with respect to the width,but I think you'll choose the fit size.RADAR and is RADARLOCK regarding nose padsThe height of the nose width? Nose I totally together,RADAR is for vertical width of the whole is greaterFor it never expires field of view even without spending too deeplyBecause there is never cut visibility be subjected to a little away feelingYou can prevent the interference of such eyelashes over the relatively loose,You must be over deep in order to prevent expired visibility in the case of RADALOCK.Then it is sometimes lashes resulting in or happen to interference,It is possible to apply deeply from the flexibility of the frame,you can further enhance the adhesion.And the thickness of the overall frame is different for RADAR and RADARLOCK.If you want strongly to hold against your face for theRADAR is not too tall expansion and contraction from the thickness of the frame, Fashion Sale Womens It is made so as to hold firmly your face.In contrast RADARLOCK is frame is made in details than RADAR,Parts near the hinge also has flexibility,in order to be gently hold your faceDespite its flexibility as if forget that it is overWe will continue to hold on firmly your face.And Oakley of Anne of data um nose pads both with respect to the deviationIt has become a make that it is difficult to shift by Iyasokku.But it's not a little care is also displaced in the part of the lens sizeIt may be more of RADAR.Or more but will be about the differences of RADARLOCK and RADAR in large part,In Is it good if you choose either,In order to follow the ball in,for example,baseball and softballto can is easy to see who had the vertical width only,Given the shift in the interference with the hat or helmet might towards the RADAR is good.And less firm adhesion of air entrainment to more your face in such as cycling,And those of RADARLOCK who will hold without stress is recommended. Fashion sale Cheap hat colorado rockies new era 59fifty Venta al por mayor barata Zapatos NB 574 Mujeres Fashion Sale Nike Air Max 87